Commitment, competence and passion.
We have been working with constancy and dedication for over 70 years.

The range of Melius products is particularly wide: legumes, seeds and cereals, but also flours and foods of vegetable origin.
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A father, Pasquale Casillo, who gave life to his company in 1948. Two sons, Angelo and Aniello, who subsequently take over the reins of the company. Two grandchildren, Francesco and Pasquale, who proudly continue to carry on a tradition, which has grown exponentially over time.

How we select
our products

Each phase is treated in detail, to offer our customers the best quality.

Industrial production

For the industrial production of products a marquis the company has well four production lines that allow us to offer a wide selection of packages available throughout the national market: 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg, 5 kg, as well as the ability to provide larger sizes on request.


The selection takes place through the use of adequate equipment as well as other mechanical machinery for cleaning and calibrating products.


The processing of all the products of Casillo Pasquale s.n.c. involves a process of storage particularly accurate, to ensure the placing on the market of high quality products.


Packaging takes place using state-of-the-art machinery that allows our supply chain to function perfectly and quickly.

Better in cucina con!

Legumes, cereals and much more. With Melius products you can free yours fantasy and always cook something new. Have you ever tried these recipes?

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Melius is the perfect inspiration to free your imagination and dedicate yourself to the art of eating well, every day!

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Discover our products


Discover our line of legumes and cereals.

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